A Printed Interiors Production Primer: Part One - wallpaper printing

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Laurel Brunner

Printed interiors is said to be one of the next big things for the graphics industry with many analysts making some bold claims about this new and potentially profitable application.

For graphics professionals the suitability of digital printing technologies to produce printed interiors represents huge opportunity. However, taking advantage of that opportunity may not be so simple and claims for the size of the market should be treated with caution. Read data projections from Smithers Pira and you will learn that the market for printed interiors will be worth $20 billion by 2022. This is due to a variety of factors, not least of which is a rising global population. However, turning potential into reality will be tough.

For a start, prospective players need to understand how best to exploit the combined strengths of e-commerce, the Web and digital production technologies involved, and to cut their clothes according to their cloth as it were. Printed interiors involves a multitude of possible services, from printing images to hang on the wall, to coasters, 3-D objects, textiles and of course wallpapers. A solid understanding of the options is key and capturing a slice of the market will be tough, because online commerce is extremely competitive and digital production tools readily available. Nimble entrepreneurs are already developing their positions.

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