Onyx – a gem of a RIP

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Paul Lindström

First introduced in 2012 the Onyx Thrive workflow solution is now in version 12.2, and sits at the centre of other solutions from Onyx, making it much more than a simple RIP.

Onyx Graphix provides the front-end to a long list of large-format digital printing devices, including Epson, HP and Canon. Onyx PosterShop was for a long time the preferred choice for printer firms who had outgrown the RIP that came “for free” with the printer, and needed something faster provided more functions and features.

Onyx still offer the PosterShop RIP, complemented with a stripped-down RIP called RipCenter and a “beefed up” version called ProductionHouse. There is also a dedicated textile RIP on offer: the Onyx Textile Edition. But in this review we will focus mainly on the workflow solution called Onyx Thrive.

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