Cryptoblocks & Chained Currencies?

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Laurel Brunner

Blockchain technology has a lot going for it. But this is a busy market.

With its KodakOne platform Kodak became the first company in the graphics industry to get into blockchain technology and to introduce its own cryptocurrency, the KodakCoin. The company will not be the last. The KodakOne platform provides continual web crawling to monitor image usage of any photograph registered in its ledger. It can protect the intellectual property of registered images and if it finds unlicensed usage, the platform can initiate a post-licensing process to ensure photographers get paid.

But for most of the graphics industry awareness of this technology is limited, as is understanding of its possibilities. Not so many printers and publishers understand the implications of Kodak’s foray into blockchain territory, because cryptocurrencies are not at all in their sights. It’s a techno step too far for most people roaming the graphics market these days. Kodak is not alone in launching a distributed ledger technology, but this is a big deal for the graphics industry.

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