Terms of Service Agreement & Privacy Policy

Welcome to Spindrift.click, a Digital Dots subscriber supported online information service. You may use Spindrift.click and by doing so, you confirm agreement to accept our Terms of Service Agreement.

This Agreement and associated amendments shall constitute your agreement with Digital Dots relating to Spindrift.click.

1 Using Spindrift.click

1.1 Digital Dots and Spindrift.click
Subject to the terms and conditions of this Service Agreement, you are granted nonexclusive, nontransferable, limited access to use Spindrift.click as permitted by Digital Dots. Digital Dots reserves all rights and may terminate your access at any time.

1.2 Your account
Your log on details provide you with access to Spindrift.click and any associated functionality and services that Digital Dots may add.

You shall never use another person’s account without permission and when creating your account, the information you provide must be accurate and complete. Please notify us if you think your account has been accessed without your authority. Digital Dots is not liable for any losses caused by use of your account, authorised or otherwise.

You have given Digital Dots your email address as part of your registration procedure and in so doing you consent to us using it to notify you of information relating to Spindrift.click. We will not abuse this privilege.

2 Spindrift.click Rules

2.1 Sharing Authorisation
You may not distribute, copy or otherwise share any Spindrift.click content, either manually or through automated processes without prior permission. In most cases Digital Dots is likely to allow reuse of Spindrift.click content, however we do require that you request permission beforehand.

2.3 Features
Digital Dots may change standard Spindrift.click features and content at any time. We may without notice and liability terminate or suspend your access to Spindrift.click, if you violate any provision of this Terms of Service agreement.

3 Spindrift.click Proprietary Rights

Spindrift.click content including text, images, graphics, photographs and illustrations, and related intellectual property rights are the exclusive property of Digital Dots and its partners. You may not do anything with this content without express permission from Digital Dots and its partners.

4 Definition of Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Rights is all copyright rights, moral rights, rights to publish, goodwill and other intellectual property rights related to Spindrift.click content.

5 Billing Policies

Spindrift.click content is available to subscribers for a fee. If you choose to subscribe to Spindrift.click, you automatically agree to our price and payment terms: the prices for individual subscriptions are as stated, and payment is required at the point of order or within thirty days of invoicing, subject to purchase order provision and prior agreement between you and Digital Dots. We may change subscription charges at any time and without prior warning.

5.1 Refunds
You may cancel your Spindrift.click account whenever you like and without notice, but Digital Dots will not provide cancellation refunds, even if you cancel before the end of your billing period. You will still have access to your Spindrift.click account until the billing period ends. If Digital Dots is obliged to terminate or suspend your Spindrift.click account because you have breached the terms of this service agreement, you shall receive no refund of fees paid.

5.2 Payment Information
Information provided that relates to a transaction or purchase must be current, accurate and complete. You must pay all subscription fees you incur as a result of your interaction with Spindrift.click. In using Spindrift.click you agree that your personal information is provided at your own risk. We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with third parties.

6 Third-Party Links

Spindrift.click may include links to other websites not controlled or owned by Digital Dots. This does not constitute endorsement or responsibility for such sites or their content. Access to such sites via Spindrift.click is at your own risk. Digital Dots has no liability for any consequences of your use of linked websites or their content.

7 Indemnity

You agree that Digital Dots, its owners, directors, employees, partners, subcontractors and other affiliates is defended, indemnified and held harmless against any form of claim related to your access and use of Spindrift.click.

8 No Warranty

You use Spindrift.click at your own risk and Digital Dots makes no warranties as to the fitness for purpose of its content, nor its accuracy, correctness or reliability. Digital Dots does not warrant that Spindrift.click will always be free of viruses or defects, that it will be available when you want it or that it will meet your requirements. The effect of content you download from Spindrift.click to a computer or mobile device on that device is your responsibility and you download at your own risk.

9 Limitation of Liability

Digital Dots has no liability for any form of damages whatsoever arising from your use of Spindrift.click, or your inability to use it, or the content you access on Spindrift.click. Nor is the company responsible for anything related to hacking or unauthorised use of your account and the information stored there.

10 Assignment

You may not assign or transfer this agreement, or any associated licenses and rights, but Digital Dots may do so without restriction.

11 Notification Procedures and Changes to the Agreement

From time to time Digital Dots may notify you via email of changes to this Service Agreement. We are not responsible for automatic filtering of these emails by you or your internet service provider.

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