Fespa Global Summit 2017

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Laurel Brunner

Fespa is an association of 37 screen printing associations from around the world. In recent years the organisation has built an impressive reputation for its trade shows, which take place in Europe and some member countries such as Mexico and Thailand. These events mainly cater to the core Fespa family membership, combining conventional trade fair with seminars and workshops. The annual Fespa Global Summit takes this further, creating a thought leadership and networking environment for around 100 people.

This year’s Summit was all about inspiration and encouraging business owners to think differently. All event organisers claim to do this, but tend come up light on the how part of the equation. This is understandable because it can be hard for speakers to have a clear picture of what their audience really needs. Ideas for how to think differently is not as hard as ideas for actions, but this was not the case at the Fespa Global Summit.

Dr Paul Thomas, the BBC’s Business Doctor, anchored the event and from the start encouraged delegates to participate because this “isn’t just a passive conference”. He described the US Army’s Volatile Uncertain Complex Ambiguous (VUCA) notion of events that don’t go to plan. Situations are Volatile due to constant change, Uncertain when predictive precision or planning is impossible, Complex if there are no obvious single causes or solutions and Ambiguous because of all of these precepts. With this in mind the challenges of managing creative growth in the graphics industry may seem less daunting.

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