Don’t miss the Adobe DITAWORLD 2021

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Paul Lindström

If you are into technical documentation, Multi-channel publishing or want to develop or expand your CMS, then this is the seminar series for you.

Moderators Matt Sullivan and Stefan Gentz did a good job holding the conference together. The Q&A sessions are important to give the attendees the chance to ask their own questions about what’s been said in the presentations.

DITA stands for Darwin Information Typing Architecture and listed as one of the key components of a CMS (Content Management System) in the Adobe Whitepaper
“10 ways DITA can help drive a unified strategy” (downloadable for free, just search the internet on the title). The DITAWORLD event is a perfect forum to learn more about how to implement DITA in your organisation and workflow.

Starting off good
The first day of this event was on Tuesday, and keynote speaker was Eeshita Grover, Director Marketing at Cisco. Eeshita spoke refreshingly straightforward about practical issues when implementing DITA, relatively free of acronyms and technical jargon. I liked her suggestion to “Cut the fat (in the process) and help to sell, use and teach”. Another thing I picked up from her presentation was the claim that “72% of organisations expect greater resilience and agility to be byproducts of the pandemic experience”. So perhaps something good might come out of Covid.

On Wednesday the keynote speaker was Chidanand Hiremath, Vice President at Capgemini. He spoke about engineering content for the “Intelligent Industry”. Mr Hiremath’s lecture was, in contrast to Ms Grover full of technical buzzwords, and it was good that there were plenty of time in the Q&A to expand on some of them, what they actually meant.

Recorded content
Today you have one last opportunity to log onto this seminar, on the hird day of the event. Of course you can always watch the presentation later, since they are recorded. But then you’ll miss the chance to pose your own questions in the Q&A.

Todays keynote (18 March) will be given by Anuj Jain, Managing Director at Accenture, Ireland. He will speak on the topic “Synergize marketing and technical content to build Connected Customer Experiences”, which should be interesting to learn more about.

Matt Sullivan, CEO at Tech Comm Tools is a good Co-Host and Moderator together with Stefan Gentz, Senior Worldwide Evangelist for Technical Communication at Adobe. The seminars are free of charge, and this year more than 5000 people have signed up for the event. Just search on “DITAWORLD” and you will find the invitation from Adobe to sign up for it, even this late. You might be able to sign up after the event as well, to watch the seminars as they were recorded.

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