E-signatures in times of Covid

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While the paperless office yet has to materialize, the digitization of business communication is steady and inevitable. Adobe is one of the key actors in this process.

When more and more people work remotely or from home, like during the ongoing Covid pandemic, analogue processes like physically signing documents hampers the overall business process. While electronic signatures, e-signatures, has been around for quite a while, they hasn’t been implemented at a rate initially expected but industry experts. But if and when technology supporting increased use of e-signatures are implemented it makes a different – efficiency and ROI goes up. This has been shown in repeated business studies made over several years by Aberdeen research.

Increased RIO and customer satisfaction
Aberdeen researched started studying the potential benefits of using e-signatures as early as 2010, and the latest study, published in September 2020, confirms the early findings. Among those are increased customer satisfaction as well as increased revenue.
The report from Aberdeen research points out that the use of e-signature needs to be integrated with business systems like Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 to have full effect. Similar findings were made in a study by Forrester Consulting in 2019, commissioned by Adobe in 2019. That study focused on the use of Adobe Sign.
A study by Aberdeen research in 2020 saw substantial benefits when introducing e-signatures.

Adobe solutions
If you want to start using e-signatures and use technology from Adobe, you won’t get the full benefits unless you deploy a suite of apps from Adobe. Typically you need to invest in the professional tools for creating and editing the Adobe PDF file format, using Adobe Sign and Adobe Acrobat for digital documents. But this should be coupled with the use of the Adobe Experience Cloud for communication and PR. On top of that you should analyse the traffic and communication, as well as customer feedback and customer satisfaction using Adobe Analytics and Adobe Audience Manager.

A study by Forrester Consulting in 2019 suggested that harvesting the full benefits when introducing e-signatures was enabled through implementing a suite of apps and tools from Adobe.

The study by Forrester Consulting wanted to measure the Total Economic Impact (TEI) when using Adobe Sign, part of Adobe Document Cloud. The study, based on interviews with several Adobe costumers, showed considerable gains in efficiency and ROI, as well as reduced cost of IT.

Both reports are available for free from Adobe and should be useful when planning for an increased use of electronic signatures in a company or organisation.

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