Eversify mobile publishing phase two

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Paul Lindström

Multichannel publishing, sometimes called cross media publishing, has developed slowly yet steadily. As of today it’s gone far beyond being a novelty to become a mature and established technology. But there are still challenges to being able to apply all of the 4Ms of electronic publishing: Make, Manage, Measure and Monetize. Eversify is a business sector of Agfa Graphics, and we will check how well it meets the key features and functions that are needed in a mobile publishing solution.

But before we dig deeper into the technology, it’s perhaps wise to first ask ourselves the question Why? Why invest in multichannel publishing? Yes, it’s new and exciting, but what are the main benefits, where are the unique opportunities? There is quite a lot of research going on in this area, and in the recently published report from Reuters Institute, the Digital News Report 2016, the trends they’ve seen in previous years have become increasingly stronger and clearer, especially for mobile computing. More than half the respondents say they use social media as their main source of news. The use of mobile apps has grown extremely rapidly, especially among the younger groups of the population. On top of that, the quality of mobile apps continues to improve, as has been analysed and recognised by respected research institutes like Nielsen Norman Group, for example, in its report iPad App and Website Usability published in 2011.

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