Protection rackets

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Laurel Brunner

Data security is much on the minds of brand owners and service providers.

It’s rare that we hear anything much about what the graphics industry does to protect its data. Yet, as the WannaCry and other such recent security fiascos have shown, people need to take care of data. For the graphics industry, this is especially true but it’s about more than simply data encryption. Even though they don’t call it security or encryption, this is what technologies such as HP’s PrintOS and Agfa’s Arziro ecosystem are all about. One is at the relative beginning of its evolution and the other is well advanced along the data security path, with unmatched experience and customer installations. Together the two extremes illustrate the depth and complexity of the security problem for graphics professionals.

Data as an asset
Data is the foundation of all media production, whether it is print or podcast. In the digital world, without data there is no content and increasingly media companies are beginning to understand that their data is an asset. This is true not just in the context of content. In graphics production data such as a dot gain or Tone Value Increase (TVI) curves are also assets to be preserved and protected. They represent investments of time, experience, process development and management that cannot be easily replicated. They have value. Production control tools such as ICC profiles for tricky ink and substrate combinations, or TVI curves, are effectively intellectual property and should be treated as such.

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